Forthcoming Haslemere H3 runs 

Sundays at 11.00 unless otherwise indicated.



Hares needed if blank.

Volunteer hares please contact Treena


Run 397

Apr 5: Hares: The Blockers

Location: TBC

Run 398

May 3: Volunteers needed

Run 399

June 7: Finn Hepper

Location: TBC

Run 400

July 5: Hare: Headboy

Location: Haslemere

Run 401 

Aug 2: Volunteers needed

Run 402

Sept 6: Volunteers needed

Run 403

Oct 4: Volunteers needed

Run 404

Nov 1: Volunteers needed

Run 405

Dec 6: Volunteers needed

On on: Dog & Pheasant, Brook (Xmas lunch)



Individuals participate entirely at their own risk, and neither H4 nor its members accept liability for an individual undertaking any hash activity.

Haslemere H3

Running every first Sunday of each month (and occasionally mid month) from a location in or near Haslemere

Tel. Tony: 07947 444046

Tel. Peter: 01428 652736

Tel. Anthony 07878 630329

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